Arum eyes Gesta or Viloria in the undercard of Pacquiao – Marquez IV

Arum eyes Gesta or Viloria in the undercard of Pacquiao – Marquez IV

Posted on Sep 15, 2012 in No Mercy Update

Arum eyes Gesta or Viloria in the undercard of Pacquiao – Marquez IV

By Rich Mazo
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Las Vegas, NV – Bob Arum wants to put added flavor on the fourth fight of Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao and Mexican great Juan Manuel Marquez on December 8th.

The CEO of Top Rank Promotions is planning to pit another Filipino fighter against a Mexican pugilist in the MGM Grand Arena that night thereby adding rivalry between the two boxing crazy nations.

“We hope to have (Mercito) Gesta against (Miguel) Vasquez. “said Arum.

The undefeated Gesta is slowly climbing up the rankings in the lightweight division after scoring two successive knockout victories this year making him a popular name amongst the Filipino boxing fans.

Vasquez who hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico meantime is the holder of the IBF lightweight champion for the last two years and his belt is a target for Gesta.

But Vasquez has to fulfill his mandatory bout first against challenger Marvin Quintero. Arum hopes that the fight between the two can be done in the soonest possible time so that Vasquez if victorious can be ready for Gesta in December.

“We are trying to make sure that it takes place by the end of September or the beginning of October.” Arum states.

Quintero’s promoter Gary Shaw informed Philboxing that a purse bid for the Chavez vs. Quintero is scheduled to take place on September 18th in the IBF offices in New Jersey.

“Whoever wins that purse bid will have the fight.” Shaw said. The promoter stated that the fight is planned for October 27th. If his promotion wins the purse bid, Shaw intends to put the fight Stateside and on HBO of which he has an allotted spot. But if Zanfer Promotions who handles Vasquez wins it, the promoter believes that the fight will be held in Mexico.

Shaw thinks that Arum is “running ahead” when this writer informed him of the planned Vasquez versus Gesta fight on December.

“He (Arum) better take a step back and wait until Quintero fights.” Shaw stated.

But Arum has a Plan B in case the Vasquez versus Gesta fight does not materialize.

“If we can’t make that fight, we’ll have to maybe do another Mexican-Filipino fight, maybe (Hernan) Tyson Marquez against (Brian) Viloria.

WBA Flyweight Champion Hernan Marquez and Brian Viloria who holds the WBO Flyweight belt were supposed to fight on September 29th in California, but the fight was postponed due to issues regarding venue and television network coverage. The unification bout between the two is still in limbo as of press time.

Arum intends to finalize one of those fights to add spark to the foreseen rivalry that will take place that night in Las Vegas.

“One of those fights will be in the undercard.” assured Arum.